Website Hosting

Website Hosting

In order for a website to appear online it requires the website files to be hosted on a server. The server will then generate the website pages to browsers using the website.

Website HostingNetpointGroup uses servers dedicated exclusively to our clients allowing for optimal scalability and maintaining 99.9% uptime.

Our top of the line servers are spread out over two geographically isolated data centres Equinix SYD1 and Equinix SYD3. Your website will be hosted on three pairs of servers simultaneously via highly available load balancers with multiple databases and web servers. This means if disaster strikes (such as hardware failure, power loss, fibre cut) your website hits automatically go to the other data centre keeping your website online.

For those tech geeks out there the specs for our servers are:

  • 6xDedicated servers
  • 576 GB RAM total
  • 96 CPU Cores total
  • Nimble SAN with 30,000 guaranteed IOPS
  • Multiple gigabits of total network capacity
  • A10 hardware load balancers
  • IPv6 enabled network and servers

We also have 2 full time System Administration staff responsible for managing the network along with Tier 1 Support with the provider of our servers.

This is the same type of system used by banks, airlines and governments and which we use to guarantee the performance of your website and strengthen our ability to get as close to 100% uptime as possible.

We have a fair use policy in relation to disk space and bandwidth usage in and out of your site each month. So if your use goes beyond these limits then we may need to discuss an increased monthly hosting fee.

Websites often contain a lot of high quality images and videos that can use extensive amounts of disk space along with bandwidth. All NetpointGroup products take advantage of Amazon S3 storage for images and videos. This means storage for these files never counts towards your monthly bandwidth or storage and MaxCDN’s content delivery network makes sure images on NetpointGroup sites are loaded super quickly.

All hosting packages with NetpointGroup include daily off-site backups. This means all the content from your website is backed up daily (in the early morning) in a completely separate facility to our web servers. At your request we can easily pull a backup of your site and re-install it on our server or provide you with a copy for another server.

Our servers support PHP 5.6 or 7.1 and HTTP/2 for optimal performance.

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